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  • Unmatched Leadership

    Unmatched leadership in plant care, procurement, maintenance, packing, order management, and fulfilment.

  • Our Company

    Fulfilling and technology support by Towncraft Agrico Pvt Ltd.

  • Our Quality

    We select plants and put them for observation before shipping them.

  • Delivery / Shipping

    Best-in-class plant delivery is offered. We ship plants directly to your home.

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The PlantEx packing unit

PlantEx Packing

Introduce one of your collections. Describe some of its benefits to encourage your customers to explore more.

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Door Delivery

Your plants will be delivered to your home everywhere in India.

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Rare Collections

32 varieties of Begonias. Rare indoor collections.

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Specialized Techniques

PlantEx employs specialized techniques to ensure dwarf and flowering ready plants in a compact size.

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The PlantEx Differs...

We are simply not plant traders but collecting all types of plants for all of your needs including research...